For a yearly subscription a library will receive:
  1. Access to the collection of almost 11,000 dissertations and theses.
  2. Ability to search Author, School, Subject, Catalog ID or All.
  3. Ability to search "one or more words" or "a phrase."
  4. Instant downloading of dissertations, theses and abstracts.
  5. Transfer and conversion to PDF, within 24 hours, of requested dissertations and theses that are currently in microfiche only. Please note, at occasional times of high demand the '24 hour turn around' may not be achieved but you will be informed of receipt of your request and notified as soon as the conversion is completed and available for your download.
  6. Addition of 100 to 150 dissertations and theses each year
  7. Listing, under New PDFs, of additions to the collection as they are added.

Being in the PDF format has allowed us to lower prices again. Yearly subscriptions range from $900 to $1500 per year. They are based on your schools undergraduate and graduate enrollment and on the linear regression formula "750 + 0.03 x student enrollment." Example: if a school had an enrollment of 10,000 students the subscription rate would be $1050. Regardless of the enrollment, the least a school would pay is $900 and the most is $1500.

To have your school online within a day we just need your IP address(s).

To order or inquire about subscriptions:

Peter John L Thompson, Publisher
Phone: 541-844-8163